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   "where healthy hair is beautiful hair!"
Integrity Is Important
The integrity of our products is very important to us...At laNaturalle Products, our products include natural, wholesome ingredients that are beneficial for the hair, scalp and body. The ingredients that we use in our formulations are picked with health and wellness in mind. Our rich, nourishing oils and herbal infusions are eco-friendly and absolutely safe for children of all ages. At LaNaturalle Products, we take pride in the fact that  you'll never find sulfates, mineral oil, petroleum, lanolin or parabens in our products. You will find only ingredients that you are familiar with such as Aloe, Shea Butter, Jojoba, Rosemary, Lavender, Safflower, Olive Oil, Sunflower, and Grape seed.
Mineral Oil
Sodium Laurel Sulfate
You will NEVER find the following ingredients in LaNaturalle Products:

  At LaNaturalle Products, Healthy hair is beautiful hair! For over 15 years we've produced   
  Handcrafted Herbal products to promote health and wellness to the scalp and hair. Our products are especially beneficial for natural hair care and those transitioning from chemical to natural. The LaNaturalle hair product line is  formulated to help correct hair breakage, chemically damaged hair, dry brittle hair, scalp challenges, along with promoting a healthy scalp and hair.  Our products are cost effective since you are getting 100% product so a  little will go a long way. We are in the business to help your  hair look and feel healthy naturally!  Let LaNaturalle Products take you back in time "where healthy hair was beautiful hair!"
Rose Oil
Shea Butter
  LaNaturalle Products uses REAL, NATURAL INGREDIENTS... 
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Sunflower Oil
Safflower Oil
LaNaturalle Products contain the following:
Olive Oil.
Do the Summer Months Leave Your Hair Dry?
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Transition From Chemical to Natural Made Easy
The transition from a chemical to natural can be made easy if you are using products formulated specifically for that transitional period.  LaNaturalle Products has been helping women and children make this transition for over 15 years.  In working with transitional hair we have discovered that the hair must be treated regularly to prevent breakage and to maintain it's health and strength.  We have hair treatments that will help strengthen the hair while imparting the needed moisturizers to prevent the hair from drying out.  Why not give one of our Hair Treatments a try to help make your transition easy!

Are You Thinning or Balding? Have you been told that you have Alopecia? Does it seem like no matter what you do your hair just isn't growing?....We at LaNaturalle Products know what hair loss feels like.  It can be devasting to both men, women and children.  It can cause embarrasement or in some cases severe depression. As a company we are dedicated in helping persons with hair loss through education, nutritional supplements, and our product line geared to promote hair growth naturally.  Please click on Hair Loss Products, Hair Loss Consultation or email us at

Hair Loss and You